Working with Niarra to make a Positive Impact in the Travel Industry

At BCP, we strive to partner with companies that share BCP’s mission to conserve the environment, develop the conservation finance sector, and most importantly, that seek to address the climate problem head-on.

Photo credit: Gina Woolley.

Like BCP, Niarra Travel is a forward-thinking company born out of a passion to do things differently. Niarra Travel creates trips that have a positive impact on the people and places that outweighs the carbon impact of getting you there.

The tourism industry is pivotal to the lives of so many people in the communities that BCP partners within the Luangwa to Lower Zambezi valley. It is so important to us to team up with carbon-conscious companies like Niarra that are supporting the tourism sector in such a #climatepositive way while delivering positive impacts. For each trip booked through Niarra, they contribute 1% of the cost of the trip to the region-specific projects that the trip visits, a contribution that more than offsets the international flight of getting there.

If you are an environmentally conscious business, with plans to help conserve our planet, or want to join the fight on the ‘war on carbon’, but just aren’t sure how to reach that ‘net zero emissions target’, please drop us a line today and we would be happy to help with some pointers that we have used ourselves on mapping out our own emissions reduction plan. We are stronger together in our fight against climate change and we would love to hear from you at

To find out more about BCP, and the life-changing benefits, that together with Government and community partners, we are bringing to over 280,000 community beneficiaries across close to 1.2 million hectares of protected African dryland forests in the Luangwa to Lower Zambezi valleys, visit us at

To learn more about Niarra visit their website here –

BCP Launches our Strategic Plan 2021-2024

During the pandemic, there has been an awakening of the global threat of climate change called a ‘code red for humanity’ by the IPCC, with COP 26 bringing to light the reality of our future if global leaders do not act to bring about the changes needed now.

By 2030, there is likely to be investment, action, and innovation in decarbonizing on a war footing scale never seen before. The scale of global climate change is so massive it requires ambition on an unprecedented scale.

By 2030, in partnership with Government and communities, BCP’s “30 Cubed” goal is to enter into co-management partnerships across 30 million acres (11 million ha) of Africa’s greatest wildlife landscapes, to benefit 3 million people, and to reduce up to 30 million tons of emissions annually.

BCP’s 4-year strategic plan, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and based on our ‘Theory of Change’ provides a detailed 10 step plan to make the necessary changes to scale up the ‘war on carbon’. Putting Zambia, and more importantly, the entire African continent at the forefront of climate change action on a global level.

Download the full plan right here.