BCP Announced Runner Up for Best Project Developer – Forestry and Land-Use in Environmental Finance’s Annual Voluntary Carbon Market Awards

Nine years in the making, the BCP (BioCarbon Partners) team is excited to share that we have placed runner up in Environmental Finance’s (EF) 11th Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings – the largest and most closely watched survey of the world’s voluntary carbon market.

This year EF received over 2,000 votes from around the world, and BCP featured in the awards table! Companies working in the voluntary carbon market were asked to nominate the leading service providers in the voluntary carbon market. The voting criteria focused on: efficiency and speed of transaction; reliability; innovation; quality of service provided and influence on the market, not just the volume of transactions handled.

BCP is one of Africa’s leading forest carbon offset developers, with two projects: The LCFP (Luangwa Community Forest Project) and The LZRP (Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project), between which BCP is protecting close to 535 million trees from deforestation across almost 1 million hectares. That is an annual average reduction of deforestation related emissions of 1.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide across both projects per year, which is the equivalent of removing 290,000 cars from the roads each year! Its hugely successful REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects fund forest protection and community development through the sales of carbon offsets.

“BCP has been working towards this award for 9 years, and we are elated to be awarded the place of runner up. In our category of award recipients, BCP is the only carbon company that works directly with reducing deforestation in Africa. Out of the 14 companies recognized across all of the award categories, BCP is the only one that is based solely in, and operates entirely out of an African country.

This award was won by our entire team, who work tirelessly to ensure the running of BCP, and we are delighted for our dynamic and extremely hardworking colleagues to have been given this recognition. Nor could we have achieved this esteemed award without the support of our valuable buyers, without whom we could not protect our project areas from deforestation. We are proud of our partnership with the Zambian Forestry Department and Department of National Parks and Wildlife, whose relationships are key to protecting the forests, liaising with the communities, and striving towards zero encroachment. In order to ensure the running success of BCP, the communities we work with need to be wholly part of the process to ensure its sustainability, and for this commitment from them – we are thankful. Lastly, we are tremendously grateful to all of those who recognize our achievements and who took the time to vote for us… next year we are aiming for Number 1!”
Joke Hoffman, BCP COO

BCP’s mission is “Making conservation of wildlife habitat valuable to people”. Deforestation accounts for an estimated 15% of the world’s CO2 emissions, and Zambia’s is amongst the highest in the world. Zambia loses forest four times the size of New York City to deforestation each year… that’s an average of 300,000 hectares of valuable wildlife habitat depleted every year!

“Our partnership with BCP has enhanced the livelihoods of our communities and has given us a much greater appreciation of our forests. An example of how this partnership has benefited us is the provision of 900 beehives by BCP to our communities, and the 200 farmers across the Chiefdom who have been trained in conservation farming by BCP. Both of these initiatives provide people in the communities with a source of income that was not available before they entered into this partnership with BCP”.
HRH Chieftainess Msoro, Msoro Chiefdom, Mfuwe

Across both projects, BCP is benefiting the lives of 221,796 people through initiatives that include: access to clean water, health facilities, improved schools, education in conservation farming. 

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