BCP Celebrates 4 Years!

BCP staff in Lusaka enjoying the braii

BCP staff in Lusaka enjoying the braai

On February 2nd 2016, BCP staff gathered to celebrate our 4 year Birthday.  Many start-ups and NGO’s do not make it to the 4 year mark, so this is a huge milestone.  In the four years since launching, BCP has grown from a small core staff of less than five people (including one driver), operating out of a rented cottage, to almost 100 (mostly Zambian staff), situated across three field sites and six offices, leading operations that are planned to extend from the Lower Zambezi to the Luangwa Valley ecosystems, based out of Rufunsa, Mfuwe, and (now, as of this month) Nyimba.

BCP’s fourth birthday  was an opportunity for staff to take a moment and reconnect as one team – a team we are now calling “One BCP”—  with a shared vision and mission to continue working to make African forests valuable to people.  On this day, teams at all five of BCP’s Zambia offices took a pause in the afternoon to celebrate BCP – which, at all sites, involved a braai (barbecue) and an opportunity for staff to relax and connect with each other, while reflecting on the accomplishments of the team in this short-but-long, and certainly very intense, time of growth for the company.

BCP staff in Mfuwe braaing on the banks of the Luangwa River

Setting up the braai in Mfuwe on the banks of the Luangwa River

In addition to the Birthday celebrations, Ms. Hildah Mbalazi was announced as the recipient of the third annual Carey Eaton Mission Award. Ms. Mbalazi is the first female recipient of this award, and she was recognized for her tireless work with the Community Engagement Team in Rufunsa since 2012, her positive attitude, her demonstrated leadership (especially as the youngest Manager on the BCP Team), and especially, for the tangible impacts that her team had achieved among communities in Rufunsa during the past quarter.

As BCP, we are certainly very excited to have achieved this important milestone. However, we also recognize that we have not made it here on our own: BCP’s fourth birthday was also an opportunity for our team to reflect upon the many partners and supporters who have helped make our journey possible. To all of you out there who have supported BCP, either from the beginning, or more recently, THANK YOU, sincerely, for your support. Partners is in our name – and if it wasn’t for our partners, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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Mfuwe staff celebrating on the banks of the Luangwa River

Mfuwe staff celebrating on the banks of the Luangwa River


Staff celebrated at the Lusaka office with a cake dedicated to Carey Eaton work with BCP

Staff at the Lusaka office celebrated with a cake dedicated to Carey Eaton’s work with BCP

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