BCP Celebrates Staff Appreciation Day

“It was so memorable in that other than sending thank you messages. It felt like BCP as a company was bringing everyone together to ‘hug’ them all at once and saying ‘thank you’. You know that special feeling when someone says ‘thank you’ to your face” Darlington Chipita
Darlington Chipita, fondly known as “001” was BCP’s first employee, signed on in 2012. Darlington, along with all of the BCP staff, shared a memorable day together in Mfuwe on November 2019, dubbed “Zikomo Kwambiri Day” (thank you in ChiNyanja), in an effort to show staff appreciation and give thanks for their commitment, hard work and dedication to our mission.  ZK Day was a fun day of team-building activities, sharing BCP’s history with new staff, annual awards, eating together, and more than a few beers.
BCP’s Mission is to “Make Conservation of Wildlife Habitat Valuable to People” and more important than profit to BCP, are our Co-workers, fondly dubbed ‘BCPeople’.  ZK Day was an example of our commitment to our team. BCP invested heavily in transporting all staff from all 5 offices across 6 districts and 2 Provinces to connect, bond, award long-servers as well as give recognition to staff who consistently go above and beyond to support our mission.  Over 90 staff were hosted in Mfuwe, gateway to South Luangwa National Park.

BCP is the 5th highest scoring Certified B Corporation in the World of about 3,300 companies (https://bcorporation.net/about-b-corps).  B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, staff care, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  We care deeply about our Co-workers and it reflects in our B Corp score.

In light of the recent ‘Women’s Day, celebrated on 9 March 2020, we give thanks to our leading ladies that drive our business forward! Although women account for only 14% of our payroll, each one makes a powerful contribution to our mission. In 4 out of our 5 offices, we have women in important roles.
BCP’s CEO, Dr. Hassan Sachedina adds: “My hope and goal is for the percent of women in our workforce to increase to 50% in the future and for women to be working in 100% of BCP’s soon to be 7 offices.”
A company is only as strong as the team driving its operations forward.  BCP’s focus has shifted from fundraising, and bootstrapping VCS and CCB certification.  It has shifted to a focus on our people, our values (what we call our ‘Roots’), our culture, and a focus on making our two projects the best implemented REDD+ projects in the world within 2 years.  BCP believes that the best asset we could possibly invest in is our team of performers. It is possible that BCP’s 2 projects benefit the most number of people, more than any REDD+ project on earth.  We are immensely proud that this has been achieved by a team that is 98% African-born.  A team whose values are clearly underlined and a team whose passion and energy for wildlife conservation and community impact exceed the boundaries of their prescribed duties. We are eternally humbled and grateful to our extraordinary team for their extraordinary drive, energy, passion, commitment and hard work. “ZIKOMO KWAMBIRI”.

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