BCP Donates 30 Tents to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife

BCP Donates 30 Tents and Printer to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW)


BioCarbon Partners (BCP), through the USAID funded, Community Forests Program (CFP), continues to offer technical support to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), formerly known as the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA). Earlier this year, BCP donated 30 tents and a printer (at an estimated cost of 5,000 USD) to provide operational support to DNPW at their newly established District level offices in Chongwe.

DPNW works to protect, conserve, and manage Zambia’s wildlife parks by promoting integrated and participatory approaches to wildlife management, especially in Zambia’s Game Management Areas (GMAs), and to reduce conflicts between humans and wildlife.

BCP was approached by DNPW to see whether they could offer some technical support in the form of 30 tents (accommodating 2 people each) for DNPW scouts operating in Chongwe. These scouts are operating in Chongwe, Rufunsa, and the Lower Zambezi National Park (LZNP), where BCP is also implementing the Lower Zambezi REDD+ project (LZRP).  DNPW has been an integral part of the conservation strategy in the Lower Zambezi ecosystem.


DNPW scouts in action

BCP has been supporting DNPW in the field by providing logistical support such as food and other technical help for field operations in the Lower Zambezi National Park. DNPW is assisting BCP by providing senior scouts to accompany BCP village scouts while conducting patrols in the Rufunsa Conservancy and LZNP.

Senior Wildlife Warden of DNPW, Kenneth Namunino Nyambe, listed numerous challenges in setting up the newly established Regional Office including: transport, inadequate operational supplies, and lack of gear for the scouts to use on patrols.  “In view of the above challenges, BioCarbon Partners came to our aid with the donation of electronics and operational materials. These were donations of thirty by two camping tents for rainy season operations, three laptops, three desktop computers and laser jet printer that the institution was able to procure to effectively manage the regional office administratively. This gesture by BioCarbon Partners has boosted the morale in our officers which has subsequently increased performance, as for the Wildlife Police officers, they can now be deployed for rain season operation without any hesitation.” Explained Mr Nyambe

In addition to this most recent support, last year, BCP/CFP, donated six computers (3 laptops and 3 desktops) to DNPW.


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