BCP Has A Fresh New Look

BCP and the BCP Trust have fresh new logos!


The original BCP logo

The original BCP logo

BCP’s original logo was designed by our Managing Director’s cousin in Nairobi in early 2012, just as BCP launched.   This new conception, created by the South African design firm Fixate retains the circular shape of the original logo, and will continue to be recognizable by local communities we work with.


What is the symbolism behind BCP’s new logo? The circle represents the earth, and the fading brush like lines represent the deforestation affecting the earth, as well as the inner rings of a mature tree.  The greens in the BCP logo represent the forest and the life that comes from that.  The BCP Trust logo, while the same design, uses brighter colours, representing the sun, sunrise, and hop e.  Both are interconnected, yet different – recognizing that the work of the BCP Trust supports BCP, but that the Trust is still a distinct entity with its own, connected, mission.


Not only does the release of this new logo mark an important milestone along with our 4 year anniversary, but it also revitalizes BCP with a new level of energy as we continue to grow and work to make African forests valuable to people.

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