BCP Zambia’s First ‘Climate Positive’ Company

During this challenging time, we want to take a moment to share a bit of hope and inspiration in honor of Earth Day.  

BCP is proud to be one of the first companies to offset more carbon than we have emitted since our founding. It’s a move that’s aligned with global projections – that in order to limit the overall global temperature increase to 2°C by 2050 we must not only achieve zero emissions, we must achieve negative emissions – and we must do so urgently. As a carbon offset company it’s no surprise we’re interested in lowering our emissions, but going beyond carbon neutral today – and striving for carbon neutral since our founding – required new thinking and efforts.

We found inspiration from other companies. We applauded Microsoft’s announcement to offset all of the company’s emissions since its founding in 1975.  Similarly, we were inspired by Max Burgers, a Swedish company which offsets 10% more carbon than the company emits, making it ‘climate positive.’.

“We made it company policy not to buy beef due to its climate change impacts. But even then, I realized we needed to do much more. Our internal emissions are under a microscope and we look monthly for ways to reduce emissions and waste.” – Ms. Joke Hoffman, BCP COO

As of the end of December 2019, BCP has offset more carbon than we have emitted since our founding in 2012. Our current figures show we are 200% climate positive, meaning we have offset 200% more carbon than we have created since our company’s formation. Carbon offsets have played a major role in this achievement, but like banning the buying of beef, we’ve taken other steps to be more sustainable: using renewable energy in our offices, using smaller cars and motorcycles for our operations, instituting a ‘hypermiling’ driving policy, recycling, as well as other small changes to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Our internal efforts ad up and are important, but we could not have come close to our goal without forest protection. And the same goes for global efforts to keep  the world temperature increase to 2 C. Protecting forests is essential. Today, the world is losing roughly 13 million hectares of forest a year. Zambia is 60% forested which means that it would only take 3 years and 5 months to clear Zambia’s 45 million ha of forest. If deforestation were a country it would rank third after both China and the United States as a source of emissions! 

We retired 400 Verified Carbon Units to help us offset unavoidable emissions during 2019

It is now more apparent than ever that we must act. The good news is that it’s possible. If your company would like to go climate positive, please contact us to let us know if we can help at info@biocarbonpartners.com or buy offsets here (https://www.biocarbonpartners.com/buy-offsets/).

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