BioCarbon Partners Extend Operations To Mambwe District

As part of our expanding REDD+ activities under the USAID-funded Community Forests Program (CFP), BioCarbon Partners (BCP) has opened another office in Mambwe district, Mfuwe.

The Mfuwe support office will act as an operational base that will oversee various REDD+ and community engagement activities earmarked for Eastern Province, under the CFP.  BCP currently has four other offices supporting USAID/CFP; including two operational offices in Rufunsa District, one operational office in South Africa, and another support office in Lusaka.

The CFP aims to reduce  emissions  from  deforestation  and  forest  degradation,  reduce  poverty,  and  conserve biodiversity values in the Lower Zambezi and Luangwa Valley ecosystems; which are areas of global biodiversity value. BCP has been collaborating with GRZ, USAID and community partners to implement REDD+ under the CFP since 2014.

The new Mfuwe office has been opened with support from Musika, a long-term partner of BCP and the CFP. Musika is a Lusaka-based organization committed to reducing poverty by linking rural smallholders to agricultural markets. In 2014, Musika awarded a grant to BCP to support the expansion of community engagement activities under the CFP. Support covered by this grant included costs related to the establishment of new field-based offices, including the procurement of new office furniture and community engagement team equipment.

On behalf of the CFP, BCP would like to say thank you to Musika and our other old and new partners for their on-going support as we expand our field-based operations. We are excited to begin this new phase of REDD+ expansion into Eastern Province!

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The CFP Mfuwe Site team poses in front of the newly opened Mfuwe office in Mambwe district

The CFP Mfuwe Site team poses in front of the newly opened Mfuwe office in Mambwe district

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