Congratulations Gillie!

Our newest Carey Eaton award recipient is Gillie Cheelo, our illustrious GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist!

The Carey Eaton Mission Award recognises an outstanding BCP employee up to twice a year, for demonstrating the BCP values. The award remembers Carey Eaton, one of BCP’s founding leaders, who tragically passed away in 2014.

Gillie is selected for the award in recognition of his extraordinary commitment to the work, outcomes and values of BCP.

Gillie is a committed and hard working member of the BCP team. His workload is diverse and heavy, and Gillie manages this with grace and enthusiasm, often working beyond standard work hours to get the job done. Despite competing priorities, he always makes himself available to assist and support his BCP team mates, and does so with openness and a genuine attitude of helpfulness.

Gillies commitment and contribution to BCP enables us to more effectively achieve conservation outcomes and REDD+ verification. His ability to work equally well in the field and at his desk improves our ability to communicate across the organisation and with stakeholders.

Gillies role as a specialist and leader at BCP extends beyond his assigned tasks. His commitment to BCP as an organisation and belief in our work inspires his colleagues and contributes to our positive team culture and reputation in the field. Gillie exemplifies our principles and values through his high achievement, collaborative nature, his passion and optimism.

Congratulations, Gillie! We are so grateful for your commitment, hard work and positive team spirit which contributes to enhanced conservation outcomes and BCP organisational culture.

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