Congratulations Mbita! 2019 recipient of BCP’s Carey Eaton Award

BCP CEO Dr Hassan Sachedina presents the Carey Eaton Mission Award trophy to 2019 winner Mbita Nakazwe from our Lusaka finance team

Our newest Carey Eaton Mission Award recipient is Mbita Nakazwe from the BCP Lusaka finance team!

The Carey Eaton Mission Award annually recognises an outstanding BCP employee who demonstrates the BCP ‘Root’ values – Trustworthy, Adaptable, Good Communicators, Detail-focused, Purpose Driven and Courageous. The award remembers Carey Eaton, one of BCP’s founding leaders, who tragically passed away in 2014.

Mbita receives this Carey Eaton Mission Award in recognition of her exceptional work ethic and achievements. She is setting new standards for commitment and delivery at BCP. She has become known company-wide for her quiet diligence and dedication, to both her work and to supporting her colleagues. Mbita is a kind and helpful colleague who approaches her work with cheerfulness. She holds herself to high standards and in achieving them, her attention to detail and commitment to outcomes sets an example for us all. 

Mbita’s desk is as her work – neat and tidy with everything in place. She is outcome-focussed and puts in the effort to meet deadlines and scrupulously high standards, regardless of the challenges. Mbita is dedicated and resilient, and her exceptional achievements and innovations in her work are testament to this. Mbita has swiftly become a leader within the BCP team, as her colleagues recognise her leadership abilities and appreciate her contributions to the team and to our mission.

Congratulations Mbita! We are so grateful for your calm efficiency and team spirit. Your contributions to our work and to our team culture are noticed and very much appreciated.

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