Environmental Education Programme (EEP) Teacher Training in Ndubulula

From January 30th – February 1st, BCP Trust facilitated a 3-day Teacher Training Course for the Environmental Education Programme (EEP). The BCP Trust EEP is an adapted curriculum, based on the successful “Lolesha Luangwa” Conservation Education Programme that was developed and piloted by Frankfurt Zoological Society’s North Luangwa Conservation Project (NLCP).

The EEP supported by BCP Trust is a 21-lesson interactive environmental education programme, designed to raise awareness and generate interest in youths about environmental protection, with a particular emphasis on deforestation, climate change and mitigation activities. The programme is designed to encourage collaboration between BCP and local schools, with the aim of involving local students in community sensitization and community project activities, and to train and empower youths as “environmental ambassadors” in their local communities.

The 3-day Teacher Training course was designed to build capacity among local teachers to deliver lessons from the EEP, and to facilitate collaboration and discussion among local partner organizations with similar aims and interests. The course was taught by two representatives from NLCP, including NLCP’s Education Officer. Five teachers from two local schools participated in the course, along with the Environmental Education Project Manager (EEPM) from Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), and two Community Engagement Officers from BCP Trust.

The EEP is anticipated to be launched in local schools this week—stay tuned for more information and updates to be posted on our blog!

BCP Trust is very grateful to Frankfurt Zoological Society’s North Luangwa Conservation Project (NLCP) for helping to facilitate and teach this EEP Teacher Training Course, and for sharing their wonderful conservation curriculum materials with us! We look forward to continuing to work with our partners at NLCP and CLZ to develop and support environmental education in the Lower Zambezi ecosystem!

We are additionally thankful to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for generous support in the form of a VIGOR grant, which has made this training and the launch of the EEP possible. (See more about BCP’s VIGOR grant from USAID here: http://biocarbonpartners.com/bcp-trust-receives-vigor-grant-from-usaid)



We are very grateful to the NLCP Trainers, Sylvester and Michael, who facilitated, led and taught the EEP Teacher Training Course with us!


Local teachers participating in the EEP Teacher Training course, which was designed to facilitate discussion and encourage interactive learning to support environmental education.


5 teachers, 1 representative from CLZ, 2 representatives from NLCP and 2 representatives from BCP Trust participated in the training.

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