Help To Put Africa More On The Global Voluntary Carbon Map In 2021!

Deforestation accounts for 11% of human caused emissions each year.  This may not seem high, but if deforestation were a country, it would rank behind China and the US in terms of total carbon emissions.  In Africa though, forestry and land use account for around 50% of Africa’s annual carbon emissions.  Yet, Africa is one of the most under-represented continents in the global voluntary carbon markets.  But BCP is helping to try and change this!
The annual Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings is now open for voting and we need your help to get us to number 1 and put Africa on the map this year for Best Project Developer – Forestry and Land Use!
Voting only takes 5 Minutes (we timed it for you)
To vote for BCP head on over to Environmental Finance’s voting page here and remember to nominate BioCarbon Partners – BCP under Best Project Developer – Forestry and Land Use, and the  Luangwa Community Forests Project (LCFP) for Best Project, and while you are there please vote for BioCarbon Partners – BCP as Best Overall Project Developer!
Just a few reasons to vote for BCP in 2021
Across both the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project (LZRP) and the Luangwa Community Forests Project (LCFP) BCP, together with Zambian Government and our community partners, benefits a total of 225,000 people, and enhances the livelihoods of over 37,000 households from forest carbon fees, employment, and livelihood support. All the while protecting one of Africa’s largest biodiversity corridors. 

In 2020 and 2021, while the Zambian economy is estimated to have contracted by 1.2% and thousands of jobs have been lost as a result of Covid-19, the LCFP has injected direct cash payments of $4.76 million dollars into the 12 Chiefdoms that partner with BCP under the LCFP. Under REDD+’s proven mechanism of benefit sharing, we are bringing life-changing impacts to our community partners when they need it the most!

Conserving almost 535 million trees, and with close to 7 million tons of carbon emissions reduced to date, both of BCP’s REDD+ Projects have been verified against the Verified Carbon Standard, The world’s leading voluntary Greenhouse Gas program. In 2021, the LZRP is the only project in Africa to receive 8 consecutive verifications and only the second in the World to achieve this! The LZRP is Africa’s first Climate Community, and Biodiversity  Alliance Triple Gold Project (CCBA), with ‘Gold’ level verification against all three categories of the CCB Standard for its exceptional climate change impacts and community and biodiversity benefits, while the LCFP has achieved CCB Triple Gold Validation for exceptional community impact. BCP is also a proud member of the B Corporation global community, scoring in the top 0.5% globally.

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