International Conservation Organizations Game Rangers International and Peace Parks Foundation Go Carbon Neutral

Game Rangers International and Peace Parks Foundation, in partnership with BCP have taken tremendous steps to protect the environment that they work so hard to preserve. Game Rangers International has taken the resounding move to offset carbon emissions generated for all of their operations, both inside and outside of Zambia for the first 6 months of 2020Peace Parks Foundation took the leadership stride to offset all of the emissions they created through their air travel for 2019, which brought their air travel emissions for 2019 to neutral.

Game Rangers International
Through Game Rangers International and BCP’s partnership in the Lower Zambezi Ecosystem, Game Rangers International learned about carbon offsets, and how they are key to the sustainable future of Zambian wild spaces:

“We, as conservation leaders in Zambia, have to demonstrate that we understand the impact our work has on the environment, both the positive and the negative. Our actions in the GMAs and National Parks are all focused on supporting Rangers and communities, but these activities have an environmental impact which we have a duty to mitigate. We have to lead by example, which is why we are committed to being a Carbon Neutral organization. We are committed to the ongoing relationship with BCP as we both have a vision for a sustainable future for Zambia”.
Jonathan Churcher, GRI CEO.

Peace Parks Foundation
Passionately protecting and restoring critical ecosystems, Peace Parks Foundation has made great strides to be eco-conscious with regards to investing significantly in solar energy, implementing anti-pollution and recycling initiatives, and putting measures in place to save water. Once Peace Parks partnered with BCP in 2015, they realized just how “carbon clever” they could be, and since then have worked with BCP on their road to being climate positive:

“Peace Parks is incredibly proud of our partnership with BCP and the tremendous impact they are having on climate, biodiversity, and communities through their REDD+ work in Lower Zambezi and through the LCFP. We look forward to expanding this partnership in transfrontier conservation areas in southern Africa. BCP ignited a spark in us to take the first steps towards carbon neutrality for our own organization as well”.
Kathy Bergs, PPF CDO.

“Conservation and carbon-consciousness are naturally aligned. We commend Game Rangers International and Peace Park’s leadership and hope that conservation organizations around the world become climate positive. There are many great projects globally to offset from, including from our fellow Environmental Finance Award winners: Biofilica in Brazil and Bluesource in the USA. There are so many great projects doing great work to help people and the environment to suit your organization’s requirements, so please consider making the move to become climate positive for the future of our planet”.
Dr Hassan Sachedina – BCP CEO

Across both projects, BCP is benefiting the lives of 221,796 people through initiatives that include: access to clean water, health facilities, improved schools, and education in conservation farming.

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