Launch of BCP Trust’s Environmental Education Programme (EEP)

On 12 February, BCP’s Environmental Education Programme (EEP) was launched at 2 schools within the project zone for the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project, located in Rufunsa District. 80 students in Grade 6 at Ndubulula and Namanongo Primary Schools received curriculum materials and pens as part of the programme launch.

In both schools, the first lesson of the EEP began with a discussion of “Living Things,” including plants and animals. Students were involved in interactive discussions about the environment, and teachers encouraged students to think critically about the effects that deforestation might have on living things.

The EEP is a 21-lesson program designed to compliment the national curriculum, and to provide students with in-depth knowledge about environmental issues. Throughout 2014, students at both schools will be involved in interactive lessons designed to engage and interest students in environmental issues, and ultimately, to help students develop into “Environmental Ambassadors” within their communities.

The launch of the EEP has been made possible through a generous VIGOR grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (See more about BCP’s VIGOR grant from USAID here:

Keep posted for more news from the EEP throughout this upcoming pilot year of its implementation!


Students brainstorming together as part of their first EEP lesson.


Students at Ndubulula Primary School proudly displaying their new Student Activity Books for the EEP. Students will be allowed to keep their Activity Books upon successful completion of the programme.


Students and Teachers participating in the EEP at Ndubulula School


Students and Teachers participating in the EEP at Namanongo School


BCP Trust Project Officer, Hildah Mbalazi, will be playing a leading role in overseeing the EEP. With her background in Environmental Education, Hildah is well-prepared to support this dynamic programme.

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