Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project emission reductions successfully marketed through Stand For Trees Website

Individuals wishing to offset their personal, family, household or small business carbon footprint can do so now via Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project’s Standfortrees website. Since February 2015, Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project verified emission reductions have been for sale in an online store on the website known as Stand for Trees, a non-profit initiative started by Code REDD and co-funded by USAID, to promote REDD+ credit sales to individuals, and raise awareness about avoided deforestation.

After six months, BCP has been able to offset about 2,500 tons of CO2 equivalent to concerned and interested individuals.  It’s a modest—but meaningful—step towards a much bigger goal of engaging more people and companies in taking responsibility for their emissions through verified REDD+ projects.

The aim of the website is to build awareness and engagement about forest conservation and climate change one person at a time.  SFT enables individuals to buy small volumes of credits i.e. 1 ton, and even send the emissions reduction purchase as a gift to someone with an attractive certificate.  It’s fun and a unique gift to offset on behalf of someone and then send a personalized note card.  It shows that the website is a fantastic and clever platform that features a number of different REDD+ projects around the world, to appeal to different buyer preferences.

Stand for Trees provides individuals a choice from about thirteen forest conservation projects worldwide ranging from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. LZRP is one of the four African projects listed on the portal in addition to similar REDD+ initiatives in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Madagascar.


This type of e-commerce initiative means that everyone can help to create the market for REDD+ credits.  Purchasers receive a certificate right away with a serial number attesting to the credits being retired (i.e. removed from circulation forever).  SFT transacted a number of credits for different projects after a celebrity video by Prince Ea went viral via SFT.  The thought-provoking and stirring music video showed the power of social media to raise the profile of forest conservation, and has 80 million plus views so far.  See the video here:

If you wish to support LZRP via SFT, you can purchase offsets by clicking here. Alternatively, if you are interested in learning more about opportunities to purchase bulk offsets generated through this unique project, please do not hesitate to contact us below at:

Juraj Ujházy, CFA

Enterprise Development Coordinator—BioCarbon Partners


+260 979 225 811

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