Mpanshya CRB Elections Supported Under CFP

Governance is critical to community-based work and forest protection under REDD+.

In May, under the USAID-funded Community Forests Program (CFP), BCP facilitated elections for the Community Resource Board (CRB) elections in Mpanshya Chiefdom, Rufunsa District. Technical, logistical (transportation) and financial support was provided to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), as the Government agency responsible for CRBs, in order to make these elections possible.

The elections process lasted 10 days, and was aimed at facilitating representative and fair elections of new CRB representatives from the Chiefdom, after CRBs had been disbanded earlier this year.

Since 2013, ZAWA has embarked on a process of restructuring community institutions, such as CRBs, with the aim of strengthening their governance capacity and promoting community ownership and sustainable management of wildlife.

In Zambia, CRBs are community-based democratically elected institutions that work with ZAWA to conserve wildlife resources in Game Management Areas, as well as open areas. As part of this, Village Scouts are employed through CRBs to work alongside ZAWA Wildlife Police Officers to monitor and protect wildlife and other natural resources.


In Rufunsa, BCP is working with Village Scouts from Mpanshya CRB to monitor and protect forest resources under the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project (LZRP). This partnership includes collaboration with ZAWA to patrol the northern boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park, which shares a 60km boundary with the LZRP. The LZRP is implemented with support from USAID under the Community Forests Program (CFP), and in close collaboration with ZAWA and FD. Earlier this year, BCP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ZAWA, formalizing this partnership under the CFP.

For more information about the USAID-funded CFP, see:


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