Ndubulula Eco-Charcoal Project Training: Sustainable Harvesting Plan and Enrichment Planting

On February 12th, BCP led a Sustainable Forest Management Training for the members of the Ndubulula Eco-Charcoal Association. 6 men and 3 women were involved in the training, which included a review of the Sustainable Harvesting Plan and Monitoring Program promoted by the project.

As part of the training, the local Forest Officer, Mr. Simon Bweupe, led an enrichment planting exercise, which resulted in the planting of approximately 60 indigenous trees on “kiln scars” within Strip 2013 of the protected forest area, as a hands-on component of sustainable forest management.

The training was led by BCP’s Eco-Charcoal Officer, Mr. Kondwani Mabuti. Key points emphasized in the Sustainable Forest Management training included: the importance of adhering to a strip harvesting system, replanting and coppicing techniques, early burning practices and protection against livestock, human encroachment and agriculture within the protected forest area. The training also emphasized the importance of conducting daily, weekly and monthly “sustainability checks” to ensure and document that forest protection activities are taking place in line with the project model.

Pic 01

Ndubulula Community Mobilizer, Mr. Andrew Daka, plants a tree as part of the enrichment planting that took place.

Pic 02

Local Forest Officer, Mr. Simon Bweupe, leads the training, which included topics such as sustainable harvesting and enrichment planting.

Pic 03

Local Headmen and NECA members, listening to the theoretical component of the training.


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