Preparing communities for REDD+

It is said that you can’t teach someone to drive, unless you hand over the car keys, and this month, we’ve handed the keys over to 72 local community institutions.

The USAID Community Forests Program (CFP) aims to provide both theoretical and practical learning opportunities for community institutions to help them the effectively manage their natural and financial resources. Our upskilling program is a Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) model for REDD+ implementation and currently engages 10 Community Resources Boards (CRBs) and 62 Village Action Groups (VAGs).

Following a year of governance capacity assessment, critical needs identification, training delivery and resource provision, this month we felt confident that the communities are ready to take on responsibility and management of their CFP goals, with partner support and an ongoing mentor program.

We’re excited to see communities take ownership of their conservation goals and feel even more empowered to caretake their natural resources.

CFP’s Empowerment Officer provides documentation training to Conservation Assistants and Community Mobilizers who will be seconded to provide ongoing assistance to CRBs, under the CFP community institutional capacity building model.






CFP’s Empowerment Officer provides one-on-one Financial Management mentoring to a member of Msoro CRB, during the fourth quarter of FY17.

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