Russell Ndumba is BCP’s 2015 Carey Eaton Award Winner

 “Working for BCP has been a remarkable experience but winning the Carey Eaton Award is unbelievable. This award has motivated me to work extra hard; as you know it embodies the values of BCP as a company and I am proud to be a reflection of those values,” Russell Ndumba.

Mr. Russell Ndumba, BioCarbon Partners (BCP) Senior Finance and Admin Officer, has become the second recipient of the Carey Eaton Award. Mr. Ndumba was nominated for the award by a majority number of his BCP colleagues, and is granted this award with full support from the BCP Board of Directors.

Mr. Ndumba joined BCP in 2014 and has so far spent more than a year and half as a company finance officer. His role has evolved with the expansion of the company. Initially, his role involved providing financial and administrative support to the Lusaka office, but he now leads the finance and administration team in Mfuwe, Mambwe District, where the company has opened a third office.

BCP’s Senior Finance and Administration Officer, Russell Ndumba. Mr. Ndumba is BCP’s second recipient of the Carey Eaton Award.

BCP’s Senior Finance and Admin Officer, Russell Ndumba. Mr. Ndumba is BCP’s second recipient of the Carey Eaton Award.

This experience has had a profound effect on Mr. Ndumba, although as he explains: “My priorities have not changed at all. I was employed to support the team in the best way possible. I still do this but my scope has changed. I depended on people like Clara for procurement when I was in Lusaka, but now I have to be the ‘Clara’ for Mfuwe. I have also become the Moses and Bwalya for Mfuwe. This has made me appreciate the efforts of the finance and administrative team.”

The Carey Eaton Mission Award is intended to recognize an outstanding BCP employee up to twice a year, for demonstrating the values of BCP and embodying the spirit of Mr. Carey Eaton.  Mr. Eaton was well loved and highly valued Advisor to BCP, who played a key role in the start-up of the organization, until his untimely death in June of 2014.  The award was initiated in October 2014, in honour of Mr. Eaton, and is expected to continue to be awarded to outstanding members of the BCP team.

Reflecting on his receipt of the award, Mr. Ndumba said: “It will probably be a lie if I said that I expected to win this award. BCP has remarkable staff members who are also very good team players. These are individuals who work hard to achieve organizational goals. I have learned to be a self-motivated individual over the years. Winning the award was like adding a cherry on top of a cake. It made me aware that even finance and administration is recognized at BCP. This indeed motivated me further. This makes me very proud and also motivates me to work extra hard and give back to the company.”

The Legacy of Mr. Carey Eaton

Mr. Carey Eaton was a BCP Advisor from the beginning. He was born in Zambia, grew up in Kenya, and he was globally recognized as a technology pioneer in Africa.  Prior to the inception of BCP, Mr. Eaton held the position of CIO in a publicly traded Australian company. He then took a risk and returned to Kenya, where he started a group of linked technology firms that soon created 600 jobs in multiple companies, built African capacity and improved markets through the mantra that “technology is the great equalizer”.

When BCP was launched in 2012, Mr. Eaton became an Advisor who volunteered extensive time and expertise to support BCP through the rigors of the start-up phase and during the development of the company. BCP is here today thanks to his support.

In June 2014, Mr. Eaton tragically passed following a violent crime in Nairobi, Kenya. He is survived by his wife and four young children.

The Carey Eaton Mission Award was launched in his honour in October 2014, and is intended to recognize BCP staff members who embody the values, commitment and spirit that Mr. Eaton brought to the start-up phase of the company.  Mr. Eaton was committed to African economic development, capacity building, teamwork, mentorship, humility and hard work. In spite of his success, he made time to coach aspiring African tech entrepreneurs. He was generous, energetic, a strategic thinker, fun, and focused. The Carey Eaton Mission Award is as much a recognition of good character, as it is recognition of actions that contribute to the overall BCP Team.


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