Solar Extension Project Launch


Despite rainy weather, 43 people participated in the solar training program, taught by SunnyMoney and BCP Trust representatives.

Braving rain and cold weather, 43 people attended a solar light training session and light sale in Mweeshang’ombe on June 19th. The attendees were trained by Sunny Money, in partnership with BioCarbon Partners Trust. Attendees were trained on the processes that make solar lights function, the health and environmental benefits of solar lights, and the proper use and maintenance of Sunny Money solar lights. Sunny money offers a range of solar lights that can meet any budget and ensure safer, cleaner energy for a family.

Winner of the solar raffle that took place at the launch event stands with SunnyMoney and BCP Trust representatives.

Winner of the solar raffle that took place at the launch event stands with SunnyMoney and BCP Trust representatives.

Mainecy Hampeyo, BCP’s Community Engagement Manager seconded from Musika, one of our key partner organizations, sensitized participants on the negative impacts of deforestation and the role of the BCP REDD+ project in Mweeshang’ombe Zone. She spoke with participants on the role that carbon dioxide plays in heating the atmosphere, how the preservation of forestland is a way to prevent unnecessary release of Carbon Dioxide and how the forests of Zambia play an important role in this process.

The session ended with the raffle of an S2 solar light, courtesy of the BCP Trust and SunnyMoney.

After the training session, 11 people purchased solar light units, ranging from the simplest single light system available to the most advanced 5-Watt multiple light system. Many participants cited the high cost of batteries and the benefits of freely available energy as reasons for purchasing solar lights.

In spite of the weather, SunnyMoney and BCP had a successful and informative day educating local communities about the benefits of solar lighting, and the environmental impacts of deforestation. BCP will continue to partner with SunnyMoney to sensitize communities in the Project Zone for the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project about the environmental, health and economic benefits of solar lighting systems for the home.

— written by Benjamin Nemeth, BCP Trust Project Development Intern, NYU Wanger Graduate School of Public Service. 


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