Things Get Sweet at BCP

At the end of September, two members of the BCP Community Engagement Team (CET) had the privilege of attending a meeting with Frank Leenen, a senior expert in beekeeping from the Netherlands.  He had been visiting Zambia and was working with organizations to provide advice and help resolve technical issues with beekeepers, and BioCarbon Partners was lucky enough to have a chance to meet and learn from him.

Mr. Leenen was tremendously helpful with his explanation about beekeeping practices in rural Zambia, which is one of the BCP livelihood projects that the CET is implementing this quarter at the LZRP. He was able to review one of the sample hives that had been constructed for the program, and gave the team tips on how to increase the lifespan of the hives.  Mr. Leenen also shared his knowledge for how to catch swarms and keep a hive well-managed and occupied. The information that he shared will be useful to support implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation activities.

BCP would like to provide a special thank you to Mr. Frank Leenen, who has helped us make things sweeter at BCP!



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