Third Time’s a Charm for Team #24 Eco-Charcoal in Monumental Triumph for Conservation Education in this Year’s Elephant Charge

Over the weekend (26/09/2020) Eco-Charcoal took part in The Fuchs 2020 Elephant Charge for its third year running. The Elephant Charge is an annual event that challenges teams of cars and motorbikes to complete a gruelling course through the Zambian bush. The Charge is held to raise money for conservation in Zambia. Its focus over the last 13 years is conservation through education, with the money raised from the Charge going to 11 Conservation organisations across Zambia. This year the event raised $144,644 in total, $40,000 of which was raised by Team #24 Eco-Charcoal! Overall, since its inception the event has raised a total of $1,176,284 for conservation in Zambia!

Team #24 Eco-Charcoal

In 2018, Team Eco-Charcoal raised a modest $1,300; determined to beat this, 2019 saw the team raise $6,000. This year, however, in the midst of Covid-19, and the devastating impact it is having on conservation, the team knew that it was vital to raise as much money as possible for conservation education. Proving that third time’s a charm, Team Eco-Charcoal raised $40,000; the equivalent of K800,000. That is the second highest amount ever raised in dollars, and the highest kwacha amount raised in the Charge’s 13-year history. The team went from never winning an award at the Charge, to coming home in 2020 with not one, but two awards, winning The Shortest Net Distance Award and The Highest Sponsorship Raised.

“2020 has been a tough year- the copper price has dropped 30% since January, tourism has taken a colossal hit as a result of Covid-19, businesses across the board are in a state of stress, inflation has spiked, and unemployment is rising. We are seeing the impacts that Covid-19 is having first hand through the communities that we work with.  It is pushing people who are already facing hardships, living in some of the most vulnerable communities in Zambia, to the absolute brink. As a result, we fear that people will turn to deforestation and poaching, which is something Eco-Charcoal is trying to educate communities against doing. It was for this very reason that we knew this year we had to raise more money than we had ever done before. Once we started fundraising I was blown away by people’s capacity to give, with our board graciously offering to match any amount raised up until $20,000! I cannot thank our supporters enough for their generosity in helping us reach our target”.

Dr. Hassan Sachedina – Team Eco-Charcoal driver and BCP CEO.


Deforestation causes 15% of global carbon emissions, and Zambia’s deforestation rate is amongst the highest in the world. One contributing factor to this is that only 27% of Zambians have access to electricity, leaving charcoal as the source of cooking, light and heat. On top of this, charcoal production is one of the primary income sources for many rural Zambians. BCP created Eco-Charcoal in response to this clear need to create a legal, sustainable alternative product for the market.

Probably the best Eco-Charcoal in the world – Eco-Charcoal is Zambia’s premium lumpwood charcoal which is sustainably produced to protect Zambian forests. It is 100% pure and natural, and burns 20% longer than regular charcoal. It is produced using a modern method that reduces harmful smoke and emissions during use, which reduces the risk of harmful inhalation by its users. Eco-Charcoal currently partners with 31 community producers we call “Charpreneurs” in a bid to provide fair and safe employment for rural Zambians.

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